“What I Did This Summer”

Back to School Fall 2017

As an Elementary School student, I always looked forward to the first week of school when your teacher would ask you to share something you did over the summer.  In recognition of our first week back on campus, I asked my colleagues here in the CSD Department, to share something they did over the summer.

Check it out!

Dr. O’Neil shared the following images with self-explanatory captions.

Searching for the Monster in Loch Ness with my Scotland Dialogue Students. PS: Go Red Sox!!

Researching the brain’s amazing neuroplasticity!

Dr. Zimmerman and four friends from her doctoral program at the University of Kansas went on a New England vacation this summer with all of their families which included 10 adults and 9 children! Dr. Zimmerman really enjoyed sharing stories from the past as well as creating some new great memories with these wonderful friends and their children. It was especially amazing to see the transformations they have had over the years from doctoral students to professors and from women to mothers.

Nothing warms the heart like old friends

Dr. Lewkowicz gave a keynote address at a language development conference in Spain: http://www.bcbl.eu/events/wild2017

Dr. Schlosser gave two invited presentations “Single-case Experimental Designs for the Evaluation of Autism Technology” and “Repurposing everyday technologies to provide just-in-time supports to children with ASD: The Apple Watch” at the International conference on Innovative Technologies for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Valencia, Spain.

Sarah Young-Hong shared the following images of fun summer activities with her children, Emma, Lily and Anna.

Dr. Lori Book and six recent graduates of the Northeastern MS Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) program (Stephanie Carozza, Leah Diamant, Leah Burkholder, Jessica Davi, Carly Turner, Chelsea Monfalcone) presented a workshop on early identification of ASD and early intervention strategies for young children with disabilities in Kampala, Uganda.  We spent two weeks providing staff training and services to children with disabilities at Tunaweza Children’s Centre.  We had a wonderful time!  They gave us this picture when we left – many tears were shed – but we will see them all again as we are going back! 

Dr. Book also enjoyed some time with her family in Western NY State. Here is an image of her with her sister and niece hiking in Stony Brook State Park.

I was fortunate to travel to Cape Town, South Africa, where I shared my Language Literacy Program with the faculty and students in the CSD Department at the University of Cape Town.Here is an image of me with the group of CSD students

I also had the opportunity to visit my niece, Mia, in New York.  Mia lives in Sydney, Australia and was on a high school science tour of North America.

She was amazed that within the busy city of New York, there is tranquil Central Park.

I look forward to a great year ahead with all of you!