Dr. O’Neil travels to Uganda!

Dr. O'Neil and Titi Pamela Kakonge


Dr. O’Neil recently returned from a 1-month Northeastern University Dialogue on Civilization trip with 14 Northeastern students to Uganda!  While in Uganda, Dr. O’Neil and the students engaged in research, service, cultural exchanges with Ugandans throughout the country, and up-close experiences with crocodiles, elephants, and giraffes.  Dr. O’Neil collaborated with Titi Pamela Kakonge, founder and CEO of the Tunaweza Children’s Centre, where everyone provided service.


Of her experience at Tunaweza, Alanna Kjoller, a student starting the BS-MS Accelerated Program in September said “Everyone at Tunaweza is passionate about providing children with intellectual disabilities the best possible educational experience and committed to making a difference. I will never forget the memories I made working alongside the staff and with the children and I am so grateful for the experience I had.”


Of her experience, Dr. O’Neil said “Providing Northeastern students the opportunity to work with the children and staff at Tunaweza has been a great honor for me as a professor.  The knowledge and skills that the students developed will have a long-lasting positive impact on them personally and professionally.”


Of her experience of the Dialogue visitors, Titi said “It was great hosting students studying a variety of subjects and seeing them work with the children and staff at Tunaweza.  The collaboration among Dr. O’Neil, her students, and the Tunaweza staff was amazing, especially in one month’s time.  It was a pleasure watching the Northeastern students enjoy themselves literally “running around” my compound.