Summer 2015 Dialogue of Civilizations

This summer, Dr. O’Neil brought 10 Northeastern University undergraduate students to Scotland for a 1-month Dialogue of Civilizations.  The group resided at the University of Edinburgh and took advantage of all that Edinburgh had to offer.  The students interacted with acquired brain injury survivors and their caregivers across many settings.  They learned about the healthcare and legal systems of the United Kingdom and assisted Dr. O’Neil with her research.  The group spent time in Glasgow and travelled through the Lower Highlands. Although from “across the pond,” they were welcomed by the Scottish people everywhere they went, as well as by Highland cows and other species.  Before the group headed home, Dr. O’Neil was presented with a knitted brain, made with wool donated by a Scottish sheep.



On May 25th, the group honored Memorial Day.  They made poppies to commemorate soldiers who died in war.  And, using portable aluminum grills, they enjoyed hot dogs and a delicious approximation of s’mores, consisting of the Scottish equivalent of graham crackers (called “digestives”), gourmet marshmallows, and chocolate, as well as other treats.

Undergraduate CSD students with Dr. O'Neil-Pirozzi in Scotland

Undergraduate CSD students with Dr. O’Neil-Pirozzi in Scotland