CSD 50th Anniversary Colloquium

The quiet buzz of over 100 animated voices filled the atrium of the Behrakis Building on Saturday morning as alumni, off campus supervisors, faculty and students enjoyed a gourmet breakfast before the much anticipated 50th Anniversary Colloquium.

Presenters included Dr. Mike Epstein, Dr. Emily Zimmerman, Dr. David Lewkowicz and Dr. Rupal Patel. Faculty presented on their current research including vocal identity in Augmentative and Alternative communication (AAC); the development of audiovisual communication in human infants, with a focus on the role of multi-sensory integration and selective attention in this process; the perceptual and attentional mechanism that mediate the development of typical communication skills in infancy, including speech and language; and the creation of rapid and reliable objective physiological measures of loudness that could improve hearing-aid fitting in the clinic.


The audience was highly engaged and enjoyed the question and answers at the end of each presentation. We are fortunate to have such diverse and interesting faculty members here in the Department of CSD!



Alumni (front to back) Meredith Maxwell, Brittany Bedard, Tim DeLuca and Erin Archibald enjoying the 50th Colloquium.


Dr. Rupal Patel presenting on her innovative company, VocaliD